Speakers and Topics Scheduled for 2018

March 13, 2018—Gary Casteel: Sculpting the Civil War

April 10, 2018—Art Candenquist: How the West Was Lost: The New Mexico Campaign of 1861–1862

May 8, 2018—Bob O’Connor: The First Amputee of the Civil War

June 12, 2018—Brian McEnany: The West Point Class of 1862

July 10, 2018—Wade Sokolosky: To Prepare for Sherman’s Coming: The Battle of Wyse Fork

August 14, 2018—Travis Shaw: “The Rebels is running over our parents”: Recruiting Virginia Unionists into the Potomac Home Brigade

September 11, 2018—Charlie Knight: Bill Mahone: The Little Railroad Elf

October 9, 2018—Jim Hessler: Custer at Gettysburg

November 13, 2018—Jim Lewis: The Consummate Citizen-Soldier: Charles Russell Lowell Jr.

December 11, 2018—TBD

Note: Meetings are not held in January and February.


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