December Meeting – Member Presentations

As is our tradition at the Loudoun Civil War Roundtable, at our December meeting we open the floor to member presentations.  We will also have a potluck dinner at the meeting:

Meeting time:  7:30 PM, December 11, 2012.

Location:   Presbyterian Church, 207 West Market Street, Leesburg, Virginia.

Topic:  Member Presentations

Our speakers are Jon Guttman, Curl Piggott, and one other speaker.  They will speak in the order in which they volunteered.

  •  Jon Guttman – the battle of Stones River
  • Curl Piggott – Confederate Whitworth Sharpshooters

“Potluck Dinner”


As before, this will be a potluck dinner for which each member is asked to bring a dish according to the alphabetical schedule below. Anyone who can come a bit early and stay a bit late to help with set up and cleanup is encouraged to do so.


If your name begins with Q – Z, please bring a main course or casserole dish.  If A – H bring a salad or side.  If I – P bring a desert.


The Roundtable will furnish drinks, tableware, napkins, rolls, a meat tray, and a cheese tray. Also, you may bring guests but remember to bring enough food for them as well.  Feel free to introduce your guests when announcements are called for at the beginning of the meeting.

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