The Road to Antietam: Tour and Lecture – September 5 in Leesburg

The Loudoun County Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee Presents:

  The Road to Antietam:

Origins and plans for Lee’s invasion of Maryland

A House Tour & Lecture Upon the 150TH anniversary

of Robert E. Lee at Leesburg

and the Commencement of the Maryland Campaign

Location: Courthouse square, Leesburg, Virginia.

Time: Wednesday evening, September 5, 2012

  • 6:3o – 7:45 house tours Of Harrison hall
  • 8:00 Lecture at the Loudoun county courthouse

On September 4th, 1862, Confederate General Robert E. Lee arrived at Leesburg and stayed at the home of a relative, Harrison Hall, now Glenfiddich House, on North King Street.  The next day, September 5th, he assembled his generals in the house to plan an invasion across the Potomac into Maryland.  This invasion led to the famous battle at Antietam, the bloodiest day of the war, and ultimately to President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.  The failed invasion of Maryland, this “Road to Antietam,” was launched from a Leesburg dining room.  Visit the home that hosted Lee and his generals, and hear of Lee’s plans in a lecture by distinguished historian and author, Dr. Tom Clemens, an expert on Antietam and the Maryland Campaign.

 Meet on the lawn of the Loudoun County Courthouse for tours of Harrison Hall.  This program is free of charge, and is sponsored in part by The Mosby Heritage Area Association and The Sons of Confederate Veterans – Clinton Hatcher Camp, with special thanks to Melanie and David Miles.

 For more information on this event and on the Civil War in Loudoun, please visit and

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