June Meeting – Greg Biggs

Our June speaker provides us a presentation on the war in the Western Theater.  Greg Biggs will discuss the Twin Rivers Campaign of 1862:

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Meeting time:  7:30 PM, June 12, 2012.

Location:   Thomas Balch Library, 208 West Market Street, Leesburg, Virginia.

Topic:  Debacle on the Rivers: The Fort Henry-Fort Donelson Campaign:

An analysis of the command decisions and battle tactics of both sides that lead to the collapse of the Confederate Western defense line which was brought about with the capture of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson.  The lack of Confederate command organization coupled with conflicting missions served to bring about the disaster that the capture of these two forts inflicted on the Confederacy.  While the Union side was better off, they, too, had command problems that served to complicate General U.S. Grant’s role in the campaign.  Department commander Henry Halleck did not like Grant and this often complicated their relationship and threatened the results.  In the end the Union won because they were able to bring superior resources to bear as well as focus their mission better than the  Confederates could. The Union victory brought about he biggest and cheapest grab of Confederate territory of the entire war and threatened the Deep South with
invasion in early 1862!

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About our speaker:

Greg Biggs has a deep interest in a number of areas of military history from the Spartans to modern warfare.  He concentrates on the Civil War, Napoleonic Wars and World War 2 for much of his research and interest.  Greg does research for several Civil War authors and also consults for auctions firms and museums on Civil War flags.  He presents programs across the country on the Civil War and Revolutionary War to roundtables, conferences and history groups.  Greg has contributed to several books on flags and is completing Volunteer Banners: Tennessee’s Civil War Flags.  Greg has also written articles for Blue & Gray, Civil War Regiments, Citizen’s Companion and North-South Trader.  He was lead historian for the Fort Defiance Interpretive Center in Clarksville and also gives Civil War tours for history groups and the US Army of Civil War Clarksville, Fort Donelson, the Tullahoma Campaign and the Atlanta Campaign.  He is co-developing a new tour on John Hunt Morgan’s operations in Tennessee.  Greg is president of the Clarksville Civil War Roundtable and program chair of the Nashville Civil War Roundtable and is also a
member of the Bowling Green, KY Civil War Roundtable.  He and his wife, Karel, live in Clarksville, Tennessee, where she works
as a teacher.

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