Blockade and Occupation in Loudoun: Lecture in Lovettsville

Next in the Lovettsville Historical Society Lecture Series:

“150 Years Ago: Blockade and Occupation in North Loudoun”


On Dec. 11, noted Civil War authors Taylor M. Chamberlin and John M. Souders will discuss events in the Lovettsville area and Loudoun County at the end of 1861 and early 1862, leading up to the occupation of Loudoun County by Union troops under Col. John W. Geary. The presentation by Chamberlin and Souders will be the final event of the Lovettsville Historical Society’s 2011 Lecture Series, and will take place at 2:00 p.m. at St. James United Church of Christ in Lovettsville.

Chamberlin and Souders are the authors of “Between Reb and Yank: A Civil War History of Northern Loudoun County, Virginia,” published in 2011 by McFarland & Co. – the definitive history of the events of Civil War in northern Loudoun County, particularly in the Waterford and Lovettsville areas, and its profound and permanent impact on the lives of local citizens.

On November 13, Chamberlin and Souders were honored as recipients of the 2011 Loudoun History Awards. The Lovettsville Historical Society and Waterford historian Eugene Scheel both submitted nominations for Chamberlin and Souders to receive awards, which nominations were approved by the Thomas Balch Library Advisory Commission. Speaking at the Awards Ceremony on Nov. 13, Lovettsville Historical Society Secretary Edward Spannaus said that actual history of the Unionist northern section of Loudoun County has been forgotten and ignored, but that the Chamberlin-Souders book explains the reasons for this, and Chamberlin and Souder have now recovered this lost history.

“Between Reb and Yank” will be on sale at the Dec. 11 event, and the authors will be available to sign copies of their book.


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