Marker Dedications at Waterford

Two new historical markers were dedicated at the Waterford Civil War Day on Saturday, May 21.  The Loudoun County Civil War Roundtable was well represented in both the ranks of the color guard and those speaking at the event.

Waterford 041

Color Guard at the Waterford Civil War Day

Both historical markers focus the Independent Loudoun Virginia Rangers.  A state marker stands on Main Street.

Waterford 033

Color Guard at the State Marker Dedication

Waterford 026

Historian Taylor M. Chamberlin speaks at the Dedication

Waterford 031

Loudoun Rangers Decendants at the Dedication

Waterford 022

Mounted Loudoun Rangers Reenactors at the Dedication

The second marker is from the Civil War Trails series.  It discusses the pro-Unionist sentiment in Waterford and northern Loudoun County, along with the fighting at the Baptist Church that occurred on August 27, 1862.  (See marker link for full text.)

Waterford 006

Waterford Civil War Trails Marker

After dedication of the two markers, a wreath was laid in the Waterford Union Cemetery to honor all veterans of the Civil War.

Waterford 058

Wreath Laying in the Waterford Union Cemetery

The cemetery is one of two public cemeteries in Virginia in which Union burials outnumber those of Confederates.  Members of both the 35th Virginia Cavalry and the Loudoun Rangers lay at rest in the Cemetery.  And a number of U.S. Colored Troops lay in the African-American section of the cemetery.

View the complete set of photos from Waterford Civil War days on Craig’s Flickr collection.

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