April Meeting

Join us on April 12, the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Sumter, for a presentation on the battle given by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Cooling, III.

Meeting time:  7:30 PM, April 12, 2011.

Location:   Thomas Balch Library, 208 West Market Street, Leesburg, Virginia.

Topic:  Fort Sumter; From Secession to War; Some Sesquicentennial Perspectives

With the secession of South Carolina, a small artificial island, on which Fort Sumter sat in Charleston Harbor, became the focus of the nation’s attentions.  From December 1860 to April 1861 official representatives from the US government, fledgeling Confederate
government, and state agencies, as well as individuals in unofficial capacities, struggled to find a solution short of violence.  Through this time, Major Robert Anderson acted strictly according to his orders and remained in Fort Sumter.  In the end, on April 12, 1861 the
Confederate government began a bombardment of the fort, thus beginning the Civil War.  Tonight our speaker takes us through the diplomacy, details military plans, and introduces some of the personalities involved with the events at Fort Sumter.

Dr. Cooling is the author of numerous military history books and articles.  Some of his Civil War related works include “Forts Henry and Donelson: Key to the Confederate  Heartland,” “Counter-Thrust: From the Peninsula to the Antietam,” and “Monocacy: The Battle that Saved Washington.”  Dr. Cooling is a Washington, D.C. native.  He earned a
B.A. in history from Rutgers University, and later an M.A. and Ph. D. from the University of Pennsylvania.  He has worked on history programs for the Departments of Interior, Army and Air Force.  He served as the Chief Historian for the Department of Energy, and
Associate Dean and Professor of National  Security Studies, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University in Washington.  His latest work is a study of the 1864 Middle Tennessee Campaign and its impact on post-war Tennessee and Kentucky.

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