Balls Bluff Work Day

Forwarded from George E. Tabb, Jr., Park Manager for Balls Bluff:


The Ball’s Bluff Volunteer Work Day is scheduled for March 5 from 9am until noon.  Please get it on your calendar and plan to attend if possible.

We have been at the Battlefield for the last two days cutting trees.  So far I do believe we are making a difference.  When you see it I hope you agree.

This year the work day will be a little different.  Rebecca and I have not worked out our plans in detail at this point but I know there will be at least two jobs to be done, one will be chipping all the limbs and tops of trees we have cut to date and the second one will be cutting additional trees.  Only Park Authority employees will be allowed to cut standing trees and operate the chipper but we can certainly use your help in pulling branches to the chipper and acting as spotters as we cut trees.

If any of you want fire wood, bring your trucks and we will load them up.  Hope to see all of you on March 5th!


George E. Tabb, Jr.
Park Manager
Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority

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